Five common mistakes to avoid while buying a Sofa

Five common mistakes to avoid while buying a Sofa

Sofas are the heart of every living room in today’s times. They are where we spend hours of family time, free time and of course, eat, drink and enjoy too. Ideally, selecting a sofa can be overwhelming because of the numerous options available these days. Hence, there is every chance you may end up buying something that doesn’t sync with your living room or taste.

Here are common mistakes that you can avoid while buying sofas.

Buying a sofa that doesn’t fit your living room

Small love seats or couches are always appealing but if you are making them a part of your large living area then you end up investing in the wrong sofa. Likewise, buying a way too big sofa set for a small cozy living room will make the living room cramped. Hence, assess the size of the living room and then decide on how many seater sofa you want to get home. It is wise to measure the living room and sofa size before making that buying decision.

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Buying a wrong style sofa

Sofas can be couches, mid-century, love seat, Divan,low-seated, futon, chaise lounge, sectional, tuxedo, rattan, and the list is endless. The style of the sofa that suits the living room can often be different from what our preference is. Considering the furniture of the house, a sofa can be an eyesore if it stays out of style with the rest of the things. Hence, consider visualizing your sofa with other furniture of the house to check if it lines up well.

Choosing a wrong fabric sofa

Sofas nowadays come in various fabrics from rexine to traditional ikkat styles, from leather to faux leather, from a wool blend to natural fibers, from velvet to a linen blend- there are several fabric varieties that one can choose from. However, ensure it sits aptly in the living room, syncing with another décor of the room. A sofa fabric can also be chosen based on the weather. Example: a velvet fabric for cold temperatures likewise soft and warm cotton for a temperate climate.

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Choosing a sofa without properly measuring the dimensions

Sofas can always be a tempting buy, however, it is best to buy them consciously by taking proper measurements of the room, your sofa area than buy impulsively. Sofas that are measured and curated can be a great buy and will last longer too.

Not knowing the purpose of sofa

We all often stay under the perception that sofas are only for the living room. However, sofas can be used anywhere in the house too. Example: A sofa in the sit-out area can be much bigger than that of the living room. Likewise, a sofa in the bedroom can be a small simple couch when compared to the one in the living room. SO knowing where you will place your sofa is important.

Material of the sofa

While the fabric is primary, the material the sofa is made of is another checkpoint you should tick right. If you are looking for a plain wood-based or a spring construction. One should look at the durability too, for example, a hardwood frame would last longer than pine lumber. 

Hope you had an insight into what to look for before buying your sofa. The above points can come in handy making your purchase a pleasant experience.

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