boAt Is Likely To Launch Its IPO In 2025-26. Why Not In 2023?

India’s prominent audio and wearable brand, boAt, indicates that it is not in a hurry to get publicly listed. In a recent interview, Aman Gupta, boAt co-founder, confirmed that the company will likely launch its IPO in FY25-26. With this announcement, it is clear that boAt has no plan to bring its IPO next year.  […]

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From Novice to Pro: A Ludo Winning Journey

Ludo, a game that has brought joy to countless households, is not just a simple roll of the dice. It’s a journey that takes players from novice to pro, with each roll teaching valuable lessons in strategy, patience, and adaptability. What starts as a casual pastime can evolve into a competitive pursuit, with players embarking […]