Bank of Baroda Customer Care No

Bank of Baroda Customer Care No

If you have a BOB credit card, you can use these customer care numbers to resolve your queries. These numbers are toll-free and available 24/7. You can also use these numbers to file a grievance. These customer service numbers are for both domestic and international customers.

A bank employee told Al Jazeera he received such a list from his regional office for last year’s March 24 Bob World enrolment campaign. He and his colleagues were under pressure to meet aggressive enrolment goals.

Customer Care Number

Customers can contact the customer care centers of Bank of Baroda to resolve their issues. They can also self-block or debit-freeze their accounts in case of any unauthorized transaction. The steps to do so are as follows: Login with a password on the bobWorld app>More>Debit card block/hotlist (Under Quick Actions).

Whistleblower 1 recalls being told by his regional office to report to work at 7 am on March 24 last year and sign up as many people as possible for Bob World, a mobile banking application that had just been launched. He says his colleagues were under pressure to meet quotas while the regional office kept tabs on their performance and reprimanded them for poor results.

Al Jazeera requested a month-wise list of the number of new and existing users who had joined and quit the Bob World app, but the bank refused to provide it, calling it a trade secret and an exception to disclosure laws. It also insisted that one phone number can only be linked to a single Bob World account. The bank did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Toll-Free Number

Whistleblower 2 (name and region withheld to protect his identity) emailed bank managers several times last year asking them to purge duplicate mobile numbers linked to Bob World accounts. He claimed many of these were owned by branch staff and added at the behest of managers to meet enrolment targets. He also sent a spreadsheet to a manager detailing numbers that he had found and requested that these be delinked. The bank declined to provide a monthly list of such duplicate mobile numbers, claiming that this information is a trade secret and exempt from disclosure. However, it insisted that a single mobile number can only be linked with one bob account.

Email Id

The Bank of Baroda’s regional offices pressed branches last year to meet aggressive enrolment goals for the Bob World app, ordering them to sign up for accounts even if they didn’t have valid mobile numbers or if the mobile number was linked to a bank account belonging to a colleague. One employee, who requested anonymity to avoid retaliation, told Al Jazeera that the practice of adding staff numbers to bank accounts was common in rural areas and helped them meet targets.

Another employee, who worked at a branch in a rural area, sent an email to the bank’s zonal office last year complaining that many accounts were linked to multiple mobile numbers. He recommended that the duplicates be unlinked. Al Jazeera obtained a spreadsheet attached to the email, showing that a single mobile number could be linked to 30-50 bank accounts.

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