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Becoming an Expert at Lesley: A Guide to Becoming Unstoppable with the Sniper Hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Players of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang recognize Lesley as a sniper hero with impressive damage potential. Her stealth ability, knock back, and ultimate power make her an invaluable asset to any team. To become an expert with this hero, gamers need to understand her skills, equipment, and strategy. This guide will break down Lesley’s skills and provide advice and tactics to help players become a sniper master.


An examination of Lesley’s capabilities is being done.

Lesley is a powerful combatant due to her special capacities. Her passive power gives her a longer attack range, more likelihood of critical hits, and an attack bonus should she avoid taking damage or not employ her skill. This makes her a great asset when engaging in either group fights or solo skirmishes.

To gain an initial edge in a lane or aid other lanes swiftly, she can utilize her initial ability to enter a hidden state for a period of three seconds. Additionally, it can be used to obstruct basic assaults and targeted moves, serving as an excellent way to flee from perilous circumstances.

Her next capability can displace adversaries in front of her and enable her to move away from them, useful for dealing with close-range heroes and developing chances for a comeback. Moreover, this capacity can reactivate her passive capacity, making it simpler to land critical hits and possibly acquire a kill.

Her most potent capacity is her ultimate, which permits her to shoot four shots that cause extra harm reliant on the adversary’s missing health rate. It is noteworthy that this talent is most advantageous against adversaries with little health, making it a great asset in securing kills.

The assignment of apparatus and aptitudes is something to be considered.

Maximizing Lesley’s battle potential requires careful consideration of her equipment and skill point allocations. She usually begins with a jungle knife and a judgement blade. The jungle knife enables her to clear the jungle quickly and prevent the enemy from taking jungle camps when the situation allows it. The judgement blade gives her more critical hit rate and damage, allowing her to cause considerable damage in the opening phases of the fight.

Lesley’s regular equipment consists of boots for greater speed, a swift blade for faster attack, a berserker’s fury for higher critical damage, and a Scarlet Phantom to add physical attack and lifesteal. As her core item, she uses a Windtalker to boost her movement speed, physical attack and physical lifesteal, with its passive ability giving her a 70% physical attack true damage bonus after using a skill.

When it comes to allocating skill points for Lesley, it is best to prioritize her first skill and ultimate. Her initial skill augments her basic attack damage, while her ultimate is effective for taking out opponents with low health. By concentrating on these two abilities, players can make the most of Lesley’s damage and efficiently acquire kills.

Tactics for Play

The way Lesley plays depends on her taking advantage of her talents and tools to get eliminations and help her team reach their goals. At the start of the game, it is beneficial to use her initial ability to secure a lead in the lane and stop the rival team from taking control of the jungle camps. It is also important to be sure the lane is controlled and kills are attained whenever possible.

As the game moves forward, players should consider pushing minions and objectives as a priority. Lesley’s ultimate is a great way to clear minion waves and damage enemy turrets, providing a strong economic boost to her team. Additionally, they should take care to position themselves behind tanks or support heroes and utilize their ultimate when it is safe to do so.

It is a point to take into account that Lesley is vulnerable to crowd control abilities used by the enemy. To prevent her from being caught in a compromising position, players must think about their environment and utilize their skills strategically. Furthermore, it is recommended to communicate with your team and synchronize your movements to maximize your effectiveness in the game.

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Guidelines to Help You Excel as Lesley

In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of Lesley, it is essential to have knowledge of the helpful hints and strategies that accompany it.

Utilize Lesley’s initial capability to get a head start in the lane and obstruct the opposing team’s jungle camps.

Place a focus on eliminating minion waves and advancing objectives so as to create an economic advantage for your team.

Be sure to keep yourself behind tanks or characters that provide support and use your ultimate when it is secure to do so.

Pay attention to the environment and deploy your capabilities wisely to prevent being ambushed by opposing heroes.

Exchange information with your squad and organize your work together to make the largest possible contribution to the game.

In Summation

The proficiency of the hero Lesley lies in the harmony of its massive power and secrecy, which asks for very advanced gamer abilities. If you are not an expert video game player, it is advised to not start off with Lesley. Also, if you want to explore other shooter characters, you can download the Redfinger Android emulator for a brief introduction.

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