Stay Hydrated With Fun and Flavorful Drinks

Stay Hydrated With Fun and Flavorful Drinks

Water is the optimal beverage to drink to stay hydrated, as any beverage high in sugar content will dehydrate you further.

Take time out each day to hydrate with natural, low-sugar fruit juices such as apple, orange or cantaloupe juices. Muddling the fruits before blending can add extra flavor, while coffee consumption should be limited as it can lead to dehydration.

Infused Water Creations

This refreshing infused water recipe is refreshing, delectable, and low in calories. Plus, its extra benefits from strawberries, mint and ginger – with strawberries providing high levels of Vitamin C while ginger aiding digestion and relieving bloating – making this perfect beverage to start your day right!

No matter your cravings or taste preference, this infused water will surely satisfy them all. Plus, it’s free from sugar and artificial ingredients!

Crafting your own drinks is simple and more nutritious than buying commercially prepared flavored waters and juices, plus it allows you to customize it to include fruits, vegetables or herbs of your choosing. Make sure that the water used is mineral-rich and free from dangerous contaminants (check EWG’s Tap Water Database to see what your local water safety looks like). Cucumber, citrus fruit and fresh herbs work especially well as infusion ingredients because they hold their shape over time. Fleshy fruits like melons and berries disintegrate quickly, so they should only be used once-off beverages. Most infused water recipes can last in the fridge up to 24 hours; after this point remove any fruit or herbs to avoid bacteria growth.

Herbal Iced Teas

Are you in search of a refreshing summer beverage with health benefits? Try an herbal tea! These beverages contain functional herbs which may help with sleep, relaxation, energy levels or meeting wellness goals; such as Tulsi (Holy Basil) tea which acts as an adaptogen. Four Sigmatic mushroom blend drinks without caffeine offer additional brain nutrition!

Just add some ice cubes for an aromatic herbal iced tea that’s the perfect refreshing beverage. The tart raspberry flavors pair nicely with its minty herbal essence to offer an unexpected pick-me-up boost!

Created using real tea leaves and brewed without added sugar, this refreshing beverage is the ideal thirst-quencher! Not only does it taste freshly-brewed and come packaged in an environmentally-friendly bottle for convenience on-the-go, it comes with fun flavors like pineapple mint, lemon rose and mango hibiscus to transport you directly to tropical islands! Plus it makes a healthy and convenient option when heatwaves strike – simply grab one and head outdoors!

Fruit-Infused Sparkling Water

Sparkling water has quickly become one of the most sought-after beverages. But before beginning to regularly consume this bubbly beverage, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

Sparkling water adds a refreshing taste and fun twist, making them more desirable to drink. Add fresh fruits like blueberries, lemon, mango or strawberries as well as herbs such as mint leaves sage or basil for maximum appeal.

Keep in mind that whole berries tend to take longer to infuse into water than other fruits, while citrus fruit tends to turn it bitter quickly, so it is best to prepare these infused drinks the day you plan to drink them.

Bubbly-infused waters make great party pieces and an easy way to enhance the flavors of sparkling water. To create your own bubbly beverage mix, simply fill a glass, bottle, mason jar pitcher or carafe with ice, fruit and water and then add one or more packets of sparkling beverage mix (found at most grocery stores). Or for an additional touch, carbonating machines may also add fizz!

Homemade Fruit Juices

Juices can be an enjoyable and refreshing way to stay hydrated in the heat of the summertime, providing essential vitamins and nutrients. Making your own juice allows you to avoid adding any unnecessary sugar while having complete control over which ingredients go into it.

Try this hydrating black grape juice for a tasty drink that is packed with folate and polyphenols! Combine all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth; either serve immediately or keep refrigerated up to one day before refrigerating and enjoying!

Introduce your kids to juicing as an easy and tasty way of increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables. This simple juicing recipe features aloe vera gel, cucumber, oranges, lemons and ginger in a deliciously refreshing beverage that can give your children all of the energy they need for an active day! Perfect as an after school snack or breakfast beverage; fresh organic ingredients should always be used when creating this tasty juice recipe!

Refreshing Coconut Water Blends

Coconut water makes an excellent base ingredient in cocktails and mocktails, thanks to its tropical taste and natural sweetness, making these beverages refreshing without adding unnecessary sugars. With Uji coconut water as your ingredient of choice, the opportunities are limitless when it comes to creating unique cocktail and mocktail recipes!

Add some tropical flavor to the classic margarita with this tropical recipe by swapping out sugary mixers with coconut water instead. Combine 2ml. of tequila, 1ml. orange liqueur and 4ml. coconut water in a shaker filled with ice before straining into a glass garnished with a lime wedge for an irresistibly healthy and refreshing beverage!

Mocktails are an engaging way to encourage your kids (and yourself!) to consume more water. This delectable strawberry lemonade mocktail is the perfect summer drink, while the addition of whipped coconut water adds an elegant touch. Add slices of kiwi or orange for additional fruity goodness or freeze your coconut water in an ice cube tray for an icy treat this summer!

Cold Brew and Flavored Waters

Cold brew coffee has quickly become the favorite drink among both boutique coffee shops and global chains alike, thanks to its smooth flavor profile and low caffeine content compared to traditional iced coffee or espresso beverages. This chilled beverage is loved for its smooth and mild taste profile as well as low caffeine content when compared with conventional versions of these beverages.

Cold brewing is an innovative brewing method that requires steeping grounds in room-temperature or cooler water for extended periods, which creates distinct flavors with reduced acidity levels and aromas.

Like hot brewed coffee, the quality of water used is an essential factor when preparing cold brew. Erin Williamson of Pier Coffee in Seattle notes that using local water gives her cold brew its unique flavor profile and she regularly checks with Seattle City Hall to learn when regional sources may shift, so that her brewing methods can adapt accordingly.

Homemade cold brew can be stored for two weeks in the fridge. Or consumers can purchase ready-to-drink cold brew from grocery stores and other retailers who carry refrigerated beverages.

Hydrating Smoothies

Hydrating smoothies are ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas – they provide essential nutrient-rich ingredients while remaining light on natural sugar. And their flexibility means you can easily tailor them to meet your tastes and nutritional needs! Simply swap out ingredients like berries for extra antioxidants, bananas for potassium or spinach for fiber; plus add protein powder as a delicious meal replacement or snack option.

This strawberry watermelons smoothie features mint for extra flavor and refreshingness – the ideal drink to quench thirst on hot summer days spent poolside or lakeside, while offering an economical and healthy alternative to store-bought electrolyte drinks that contain excessive amounts of sugar, artificial flavors, and colors.

This hydrating smoothie is an excellent way to replenish lost electrolytes after an intensive run on a hot day. A combination of coconut water and strawberry hydration powder contains potassium and sodium – two important electrolytes lost through sweat – while adding some protein also makes this a satisfying and filling treat!


Though water remains the best hydration drink, other beverages also contribute to your daily fluid intake. Herbal teas, 100 percent fruit juices and soup broths contain electrolytes which hydrate you without adding calories to your meal plan. Coffee and black or green tea may have some hydratation value as well; just avoid high sugar drinks like sodas and fruit juices that dehydrate quickly while harming teeth and gut health.

Sugar and alcohol can contribute to dehydration by prompting more frequent urination from your body, according to Adler. He suggests drinking one glass of water for each alcoholic drink consumed – including beer. You can make your own hydration beverages using a blender by mixing fruit, coconut water and liquids or herbs together; try blending strawberries, raspberries or blueberries with sparkling water for an enjoyable and refreshing beverage, adding fruit ice cubes made from fruit slices or herbs for even more flavor and visual appeal; alternatively you could try pairing cucumber, lime and mint or lemon and strawberry infusions!

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